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Christian Cafe
has been around for a long time, and they are one of the largest (if not the largest) Christian singles site on the Web. When we say Christian, we are talking a true, Christian-owned-and-operated dating site. We have had numerous communications with Sam, the owner of the Christian Cafe and he is a believer.

When you first vist, you notice the warm "coffee shop" colors and feel. The next thing most people will probably notice are the testimonials. They have tons of them, going all the way back to 2002! This gives them a lot of credibility, because they have been around for quite a while and many Christians are no longer single thanks to them.

Once you create a profile and do a search, you'll find that there are LOT of single Christians there! You will most likely find many potential matches in your area, regardless of your age (although some age ranges will, of course, have more than others). The best thing about their FREE trial is that you get full functionality with it. Unlike some other sites, where you have to pay if you want to communicate, with you can use all the features during the trial period. How can they do that? Because, obviously, they're sure you'll like it so much that you'll have to sign up for more! Here are the specific review categories:

Price - Christian Cafe is somewhere in the middle if you only pay for one month at a time. However, when you pay for longer periods, the price comes WAY down! Right now, during their special promotion, you can get the monthly price down to $7.50/month if you pay for one year. (Click here for more info about the promotion.) Even if you just pay for three months, the monthly fee is only $13.32. That's cheap, especially when you consider the fact that finding your soul mate is the second most important thing in your life (second only to knowing Jesus).
(5/5 stars)

Customer Service - Although we only had limited exposure to their Customer Service, they did seem responsive and addressed our issues promptly. They have dedicated staff for Customer Service, which is a plus.
(5/5 stars)

Quality of Members - The people on vary greatly but, in general, it is a high-quality group of people. One of us dated several women from there, in fact, with one of them there was talk of marriage! We have not seen a higher caliber of people on a Christian dating site anywhere.
(5/5 stars)

Ease of Use - Because we spend a lot of time on the Web, including designing and building websites, you'll never see us give anyone five stars for this one. Christian Cafe has a lot of great functionality, but at times it can be a bit slower than we would prefer (anything less than lightning fast is too slow for us). Some of the functions, like the Instant Messenger, could be improved. However, this site offers more features and better functionality than any of the legitimate Christian singles sites out there.
(4/5 stars)

Overall Rating - Overall, we give five stars out of five. Even though they didn't get five stars for Ease of Use (even our own sites wouldn't), we think Christian Cafe is, by far, the best Christian-owned-and-operated dating site on the Web, period.
(5/5 stars) Review Summary:

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